Business Analysis TV

Finally, a network dedicated to building your career.  BATV is 10 times more interesting than the fireplace channel.  Seriously.  It might even be 100 times more entertaining than watching wood burn to ash.  Playing BATV on your date nights will make you look more attractive and smarter than playing those 70's love songs - we promise.  

Prequel - All About Bob the BA

At Bob the BA we have a different approach to business analysis and leadership training that is interactive and engaging. We learn best by doing and our courses are all very interactive an hands on.  

Trailer - "Leadership Skills"

Influencing without authority is a big part of being an effective Business Analyst or project professional. At Bob the BA we believe that Business Analysts need not only good business analysis skills and techniques, but good leadership skills. This is a short excerpt from our upcoming episode on  Leadership Skills.